Life at Tencent

Behind the happiness for people at Tencent

Behind the happiness for people at Tencent

Working life is considered the most important thing especially for working class who lead down to earth lifestyle and spend 8 hours a day for work. If your working life is blessed with happiness, then all the benefits you get can be such a life value gift. At Tencent Co., Ltd (Thailand) is one of the companies providing many benefits employees deserve such as resting area, afternoon popcorn, and fitness gym for exercise. What do employees at Tencent Thailand define their happiness at work?    

Khun Poo, Jaruwan Pewthong,  SEO  who has been working at Tencent for 11 years. She feels that there are lots of things to learn at  Tencent as well as good challenge and good co-workers. Various types of digital products including website, JOOX music application, Nooz Up, and Sanook! news, and VOOV are products making she so proud of the company that she would like to recommend to her friends.


Khun Tai Sresuda Winitsuwan, Head of Content  who has been working at Tencent for 3 years said it feels like working at home in this friendly environment.  Working  with new generation is always refreshing with new idea and fast movement. Likewise, digital world also gives us that feelings that we need to keep up with fast changing trends which she think it is a plus side when working in online media environment.  Her motto is there is nothing in this world we can’t do. But how we are going to achieve it, that matters. We need to test and try. If the first time we fail, we try second method. Then we can do anything that comes before us.

Last but not least, Khun Boy Wiwat Rungsansook, editorial team who has recently joined Tencent for 1 month. He said he is familiar with working culture here and his happiness is when his writing has reached its best and even more happy when his writing has been shared or mentioned or commented.  


When workers are happy with work and then good environment will follow at Tencent Thailand. The success of products is the result of quality of work which will create smiles and happiness for users. The mission is only halfway complete there are non-users whom we aim to develop our products , services, content to fulfilled them. Tencent Thailand aims to the goal and share happiness and smile to everyone on earth.