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Our vision is steadfast on better connecting people in today's online world. Tencent focuses on innovating and developing the online connections taking place worldwide. Defining “online businesses” as a new paradigm, Tencent seeks to help people interact more efficiently and with ease while simultaneously adapting businesses to these changes and paving the way for future norms of communication. We have so far developed our own information ecosystem, news aggregator, entertainment platform , communication tools, financial technology and even cloud computing systems through different channels and applications, namely WeChat, Qzone, QQ, Tencent News, WeChatPay , Tencent Games and Tencent Cloud.

Services in Thailand

News & Portal - Thailand’s no.1 online media platform for news and information
NoozUP - AI-managed application that automatically selects news for your device based on your interests

Entertainment & Multimedia
JOOX - Thailand’s leading online app for music-streaming available on both iOS and Android.
VOOV - Video app for live-streaming and short video clips, allowing everyone to become content creators with their own fan-base
Tencent Games - The world’s leading online-gaming service provider and largest online game studio

Topspace - A digital ad-agency for your online businesses that provides a one-stop service for all your public relations and marketing strategies
TSA (Tencent Social Ads) - Acts as an agent on your behalf to buy targeted online- advertisements in the Tencent network


To be the most respected Internet enterprise.

  • Earn the respect of users by listening to them, satisfying and exceeding their needs and expectations.
  • Earn the respect of employees by continuously improving our corporate reputation so that Tencent is a company employees are proud to work for.
  • Earn respect within the industry by promoting healthy development of the Internet industry and win-win collaborations with partners.
  • Earn the respect of society through responsible corporate citizenship and by contributing to community development.


Walk the talk. Be transparent. Do the right things for the greater good of mankind.

● Commit wholeheartedly and execute efficiently in assigned tasks.
● Proactively assume responsibilities and embrace new tasks and challenges.
● Always maintain a sense of curiosity, continuously learn, and strive for excellence.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Grow together and leave no person behind.

Have the courage to be creative. Think big and take calculated risks. Do things differently and smarter.

Products and Services

Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited develops technologies that span the internet landscape. It started by creating its own information ecosystem and moved on to providing news and entertainment content, facilitated the building and connecting of innovative e-commerce technologies, created strategic partnerships and assisted with business expansions. Tencent is determined to support, pave the way, and prepare Thai society to properly enter and become players in the digital economy and society.


Tencent is determined to become the world’s leading internet technology provider while seamlessly catering to the needs of both our users and clients. Tencent prides itself in offering the latest technology and never ceases continually improving itself by selecting the best management team, top industry professionals from all over the world, and adjusting our organizational culture to fit the fast-paced and ever-changing demands of today’s technology environment. More importantly, Tencent rewards and recognizes creativity as it plays a key role in moving our business forward. If you think you are up for a challenging and rewarding career with Tencent (Thailand), drop us a line anytime at

Open Positions
Branding and Communication 6
Marketing Brand Manager (Mobile Game) 1
General Customer Service (Mobile Game) 2
Copywriter (1-year contract) 1
Public Relations Manager 1
Marketing Executive for JOOX Myanmar (1 year contract) 1
Business Development 2
Strategic Sales Manager 1
Relationship Manager (Account Manager) 1
Entertainment and Multimedia 14
VDO Editor 1
Game Localization Manager (Chinese – Thai) 1
Multimedia Content Editor – Game 1
Content Editors (Burmese speaking) 1
Business Development Manager (JOOX Myanmar) 1
Game Influencer Relations 1
Business Development Manager (JOOX) 1
Internship - Game Team (Aug-Dec 2018) 2
Product Operations – Advertising (1 Year Contract) 1
Product Tester (1 Year Contract) 1
Product Master (Game) 1
Game Tester (1 Year Contract) 1
Information Technology 10
Software Engineer 1
Infrastructure Support Engineer 1
Process Engineer 1
IT Service Manager - Tencent Cloud 1
Data Scientist 1
Senior PHP Developer 4
CSS & Front End Developer 1
Innovation & Solution Group 4
Lead Software Engineer (Mobile application) 1
Project Manager (Senior Engineer) 1
QA Engineer 2
Media Solutions 5
Account Executive 1
Account Manager 1
Account Director 1
Business Development Specialist - JOOX 2
News and Portal 1
Multimedia Creative 1
People 5
Human Resources Assistant (1 Year Contract) 2
Organization Development Manager 1
Receptionist (Contractor 1 year) 1
Administrative Specialist (1 Year Contract) 1
Process Engineering 1
Product Manager 1
Revenue Management 2
Senior Data Analyst 1
Programmatic Technical Sales Manager 1
Services 7
Project Manager 2
Web Designer 1
Senior Strategic Planning Manager 1
Account Manager 1
Creative 2

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Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited

Muang Thai - Phatra Complex, Tower A, 15-16th Floor, 252/19-20 Rachadapisek Road, Huaykwang, Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand.
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  • Fax +662-833-3113

Human Resource and Administration

Public relation and Internal communication