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There is no need to have million dollars in your pocket, brilliant ‘connection’ is affordable with Tencent. We are the global internet company who know how to boost up your digital lifestyle to the ultimate peak together with our hundreds of million people around the world. Renowned internationally for initiating creative way to make ‘connection’ worthwhile, whether you like to chat, share, follow, or simply have fun, QQ and WeChat, Tencent’s mainstream branding enhance vibrancy to social network (QZone & WeChat Moments) , online game (QQ Game), latest news (Tencent News) and the trending video content (Tencent Video).
Tencent Thailand is today’s leading online brand provider that offers limitless quality content through platforms including;

News & Portal
•, number 1 news provider in Thailand

Entertainment & Multimedia
• JOOX, the dynamic music streaming application gearing to Thailand’s leading brand in a top speed.

• Tencent Social Ads, Tencent Cloud, and Topspace offer customers with a complete digital services.


To attain worldwide acclaim, Tencent is committed to the following practices;

  • We work to achieve user’s approvals, listening and responding to user’s need is our standard in order to move up to another innovative stage of experiences.
  • We work to achieve employee’s approvals, developing programs and activities to build up company’s reliability and credit to fulfill all staff with their pride.
  • We work to achieve respect from the industry fellows by supporting sustainability among digital industry and starting collaboration for mutual benefits with business partners.
  • We work to achieve social attainment with the organization’s social responsibility programs and take part to develop the community.


Transparency, Community-oriented, Committed to promises, and responsible for own fault.

Active and attentive, act fast, and never give up.

Achievements only shine by teamwork. Grow together and leave own ego behind.

Open to a new vision and opportunities to gain new experiences. Be creative and make things happen. Enjoyment with work is mandatory.

Products and Services

With collection of our astonishing products and service, Tencent (Thailand) is ready to take you where the sky has no limit. Whether to explore the cyber space or surfing the current trends, we will never stop taking you to another atmosphere of fun digital lifestyle. Why wait? Move your finger where the start button is.


Take your step into our digital realm and move together to the top. At Tencent (Thailand), we aim to be the best internet service provider with great products for the public and business sector. Equipped with full range of information, news, entertainment, as well as awesome services online, we are thrilled to serve the customers’ need anytime anywhere with unlimited fun lifestyle!

Human resource and Administration Department

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Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited

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Human Resource and Administration

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