Rewards of pride has been a staple among Thais since 1998 and has been endeared by users, partners and customers alike as affirmed by the numerous rewards and recognition it has received to date.

● Thailand’s number one and most viewed website for entertainment since 2003, the first year such awards were launched by Truehits Web Award, conducted by
● Award-winning prize for online media from the Tourism Authority of Thailand
● Silver Play Button Award from YouTube, Thailand (Partner Summit 2016)
● Most-wanted top 5 digital companies where people wanted to work for in 2017
● Thailand’s only website that won the 2018 Ganesh Award at the 6th annual National Radio and Television Award Ceremony for the “Best Network” category from Broadcaster and Journalist Assembly of Thailand (BJAT
● Influential brand for online news from Asia's Top Influential Brands 2018