Sanook is a Thai word describing the sense of fun and enjoyment you receive from a certain activity. The term has been ingrained in our service from conception and continues to be our mantra while we provide a fun space for our users to enjoy content. People routinely find this the most pleasing way to digest their daily dose of entertainment and news.

sanook’s services have grown alongside Thailand's internet user-base according to data of users’ behavior of online-media consumption through mobile devices. sanook’s unique path was forged in 1998 as it became the country’s first web directory by M-Web (Thailand) Company. In 2007, the company changed its name to Sanook Online Company Limited and expanded the scope of its online content for a larger audience, adding more coverage on topics such as news, entertainment, lifestyles, online businesses, etc. This quickly made sanook

Thailand’s leading one-stop service provider while we continued to ensure our website was fun and noteworthy.

In 2016, Sanook had readied itself for expansion and decided to adopt its parent-company's name, Tencent (Thailand) Company Limited. It has since rapidly expanded its businesses and services through its alliances both regionally and globally. The firm continues its determination to develop its products and services in order to cater to the daily needs of all Thai internet users.