Life at Tencent

Tencent employees and their top 7 excuses and solutions

Tencent employees and their top 7 excuses and solutions

 “Daily blah blah :  top 7 classic excuses of salary man and their solutions”

How come office workers have to face with overwhelming troubles that never seem to fade away? Facebook statuses on Sunday night are great evidence. Statements such as how much they are so tired of Monday or there is best friend’s gossip at work to share or even our own version of excuses become so common.   

As this is considered a national level-dilemma, here are some solutions to enlighten your mind…you’re not alone and you will become a better new you without these complaints.


#1 “ I hate Monday! : May I allow not to wake up to work?”

“Finding someone to fall in love with in the office” Prim, Content Creator 23 years old.

Let’s assume this is Tuesday when you open your eyes! Not a bit. Problem is not what day it is. Even there is a long holidays and the next working day is Tuesday, the usual complaint is still with you. The real cause is from your over indulgence with holidays that prevent you to go back to reality. So, if you are one of holiday freaks, treat everyday as if it’s a day off with “TGI, it’s yellow Friday” activities; 

- We usually dress up in vibrant and trendy tone on Friday for the party after work , why not try these outfits on Monday morning?

- We usually plan for dinner on Friday, where to hangout for the best party? Let’s break the routine, start to plan drinking menu with some good bakery along side or having lunch as you wish from Monday.

- So lazy to get up early on Monday as we spend most of relaxing time on Sunday and get away with it. Let’s plan activities on Sunday not too different from Monday for example; waking up on the weekends only 1 hour later than weekdays so your body clock will not go out of balance. Having moderate resting.  

 - Get new knowledge every Monday morning to fulfill yourself with excitement of new experience. Get rid of your repetitive boredom such as looking at your friends’ complaints about same old stuff on Facebook or dull stories from the usual sources. Open yourself up to a new information bases such as a new channel on PODCAST you have never listened to before or reading news from NoozUp , the newest news application that allow you to feel special as you will have loads of unique stories to share with others.

- Find someone to fall in love with in the office! Believe it or not, this will work out. You will always want the clock to move to Monday in a quicker speed so you will see that special someone in a lift, coffee shop or just passing by. That will make your Monday so completed!

#2 When can I get free time to “Exercise” ?

“When feel like your mind is fully packed, take something out. Open JOOX and get to your favorite songs and move” Som, Branding and Communication 34 years old.

Take those 24 hours of your life to work out and allocate wisely then we promise this is practical. Most office workers have good intention to complete their workout resolution besides their own reluctance to prevent them from failure, some other factors such as “I can’t exercise in the morning, it will be too late to work” or “I can’t exercise in the evening because it rains” or “I have a date” or “My friends would like grilling dinner with me” or “I haven’t done my work yet”. Then when it comes to the weekends, “I need to sleep in as it is Lazy Day?!”

If you are serious about workout in the morning, you need a revolution from your body clock. It is recommended to get exercised in the morning as it will be so refreshing all day and the mission is surely accomplished because you will never know what will prevent you from your evening exercise possibility. However, you will need at least 1 hour before your usual wake up time to workout and take a shower. That also means you will need to go to bed early than usual to get enough rest. 6 hours of sleeping will be best and if possible going to bed at 10 pm. will stimulate growth hormones to work at its best. And to manage your 10 pm. bedtime to happen, you will need to finish work early and reach home when the night is still young and get ready for bed.

This may sound surreal for salary people who have to encounter severe traffic in Bangkok everyday. Try travelling with BTS/MRT instead of driving, then you will be able to estimate travelling time and get rid of traffic excuse. Starting from re-organize your body clock system, and solve the problem little by little. Then everything will easy, not necessarily limited to exercising topic. But if laziness comes your way, let’s inspire yourself with some cool music to energize your stamina during workout. Playlists from JOOX would be your best companion in every mood you choose.

#3 Flat rate salary, influx expense

 “Get extra job to pay myself, can I post my shop here?” Mos, Sales person, 29 years old.
Spend your income wisely as you know how much you will get each month while unexpected expense is needed to be managed. Everyone must have financial burdens such as parents supports, mortgage, car payment, house rental or life insurance fee, that is why they need to work. We all want to own lifestyle allowing us to eat out, travel, or go shopping freely therefore these activities have become a non-compulsory which everyone seems to be willing to take part in. Unless you are financially free, there is no need to worry about this. But if your situation is quite tight, then consider the 80/20 rule to save up your money.

Begin with dividing your salary into 3 parts including

-50% for necessary monthly expenses such as water bill, electricity bill, car payment, mortgage, etc

-30% for future spending such as saving, funding investment, etc.

- 20% for daily expense such as traveling cost or meals

Once salary is received, get 20% of cash to spend on miscellaneous all month, a little over the budget would be alright so that you will not get over the edge of your main proportion budget. When there is abundant amount of money left, then you can get yourself some rewards such as what you have been wished for, travelling , etc. Your debts will go down gradually when you can manage your expenses.

On the other hand, while your income is fixed, your expense is rising, if you are a working hard type get “extra job” such as selling clothes online, trading second handed belongings, etc. Your income from your extra job will increase amount of money in your pocket. Less or more will surely decrease your burdens.

 “It’s so addictive, just like a drug. Working life reward kind of.”

#4 Addicted to “stall drink” . Life without it would be impossible

Some people walking in the office with a plastic cup of iced coffee every morning or coming back from lunch with some drink from stall to fill sugar in their blood vain as if it helps to survive. The unsolvable behavior keeps the addicts coming up with excuse such as “It’s so addictive, I can’t work without drinking some”. Believe it or not, although it’s difficult, you can always quit the drink if you, firstly, stop making excuse. However, the problem does not lie in there, the problems of drinking consequence are troublesome. Despite the money you lose each day and the increased weight, health problem is the most significant concern here.

If you are indecisive to stop drinking, make a list of its disadvantages as many as you can. If you found there are more negative consequences, just quit.

For the office workers, to spend 50-60 Baht a day may not seem much but if we calculate the total amount annually, we will find these figures are not funny.

Supposed we spend 50 Baht each day for 1 year : 50x366 = 18,300 Baht /Year

If we upgrade to Starbucks Iced Latte everyday for 1 year : 110x366= 40,260 Baht/Year
If these figures do not seem to shake you off your base, think of your health and your body side effects. If reducing consumption is not an option, try drinking without harming your health. Read 6 tips to avoid health problems when drinking coffee at

#5 “Too much work” I wish there were 30 hours per day
 “Take off your time complaining to get your hands on work” Anonymous Office Workers in Sutthisarn, 30 years old

“Too much workload” top complaint of all time. It is understandable that some field of work maybe busy than another. But if you look around the office and found there is someone working as hard as you are but able to balance everything in life perfectly, you need to look back to yourself. Why can you not finish all your work? Is it because you enjoy the slow life at the café at the building? Or addicted to social network, browsing IG, post photos and status too much to miss the work? If your answer is yes, so the timing is limited or too much of self-indulgence?    

Here are some easy solutions to correct the unwanted habits;

Stop procrastinating and your pile of works will be vanished in a blink. Thinking of work as a game to conquered within a timeframe, then you will have good fun to get your woke done effortlessly.  Plus, you will get work done quicker so stop making excuses, stop complaining, and get back to work!  


#6  Overloaded with work is not much, overloaded with  people is another story “Screaming out loud where you know who can’t hear anything” Som, Branding and Communication, 34 years old.

That girl is such a b****, that guy is a lazy a**, may I also introduce the department of gossip and the department of sneaking out work…loads of boring complaints from people around the office which make us feel wasted with these nonsenses. Sometimes when it is unbearable, some of our posts on Facebook has vented our frustration to others. Let’s face it, sometimes the person you really get annoyed, maybe not as bad as you thought, it is just that part of him that you keep an eye on while the other good parts you choose to overlook. So long the teamwork can balance out the members to get the work done, perhaps that person is still working, at least.    

To keep other people’s bad habit to your mind will only find the dead end. You cannot correct their faults as it is an individual habit. Let’s follow the Japanese life wisdom “hanmen kyōshi” to lead your life. Hanmen means the opposite side while kyoshi means teacher so when you combine the words it will be “teacher of the opposite” – to learn their bad habits and refuse to do it.  For example, if he is lazy, we have to work hard or if he is always late, we have to be the first to come to the office. If we do not like what he is, then we will not become that type of person. At least you can help reducing one of bad habit members.

 “Quitting? What about spending?” Mind, Sales, 24 years old.

#7 This is why we have to “quit”

Gen Y is always known as effortless generation. To be honest, any generation can think of resigning from their jobs. The usual reasons are “overloaded vs nothing to do” or “work is not challenging”. That is unsurprisingly to learn that everyone wants to be in their comfort zone but before making your final decision, think carefully. We probably run into something worse. The first step to consider before making up your mind is “ Clear your mind” what do you really want in life? Are we escaping the problems? If you are confident that “quit the job” is your last answer then go ahead! But if you want to fight, just follow these simple steps;

  • Change your attitude and ask yourself if this is the right job for you? If yes, focus with work, do your best, and enjoy your work then you will be happy with work even though it is Monday morning.
  • “Think of your financial burden” water bill, electricity bill, parent support, credit card bill, pet meals….think again and again then you will not want to resign anymore…