Tencent Social Ads

TSA is Tencent Social Ads network that covers over 90% of internet users in China. Through TSA, advertisers may target, engage, educate and influence consumers who are relevant. The competitive advantage of TSA network is that it covers China’s most popular messaging platform, WeChat, with monthly active users of 980 Million*.

Tencent Thailand, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tencent, is here to support Thai brands to enter China market through Tencent Social Ads network. Our team has extensive experience in Chinese media and ready to provide consultation on your China market strategy.

*figure represents international users and Chinese users

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Tencent Cloud

The high-quality cloud service operated by Tencent with the flagship brands, QQ and WeChat with hundreds million users already on the Tencent Cloud system.

Why Tencent Cloud?

Tencent Cloud


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